• new emotions.
  • challenges.
  • adrenaline.
  • everything seems
  • unreal...
  • will you make it?


International organization, developing
an innovative substance, is using our escape room
for the purposes of its experiments.

 …The chemical (substance) with a work name CinQ5 enters (is absorbed in)
the organism imperceptibly and stimulates the mental processes. Your perceptions
(senses) change and quickly transfer you to a completely different reality....
   But… by 1 hour you must take a second component.
     Otherwise, the CinQ5’s effect becomes permanent (irreversible)....

Enter a different world
and use your new abilities
to find the way to the Second Component!

We dare you to take part in The Experiment!


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Cash payment only. Prices: 30 lv. for the room + 20 lv. for person.
Оr call us to reserve by phone: +359 888 207 885


ENIGMANIA-THE EXPERIMENT is a top escape room. Why?

ENIGMANIA is a real-life escape room with actors, original puzzles and innovative interior design. The game “Enigmania - The experiment” is designed to pose an intellectual challenge to the players and to provide an emotional relief. “Enigmania” is an escape from everyday life, an hour spent in the company of positive people, an unforgettable uplifting experience.

How can I take part in the real escape game?

Book an hour in the appointments table. Come at the location 10-15 minutes earlier. Before the start of the game you will be introduced to the story and the rules. Then you will be able enter the room. All you need to bring with you is your positive attitude, team spirit and resourcefulness. The game is designed so that not everyone could get out of the room. But even if you run out of time, the experience is worth it.

Who is this escape game suitable for?

The game is designed for people of all ages. Families, couples, friends, colleagues, teams or tourists- we ensure a special experience for our players. The game offers an excellent team building. If you want us to organize this, contact us at telephone number +359 888 207 885.

Is the escape game suitable for children?

Yes, for children over 9 years. Children 9 to 14 years must be accompanied by an adult in the room.

What are the prices?

The TOTAL prices are: 70 BGN (36 Euro) for 2 players, 85 BGN (43 Euro) for 3 players, 100 BGN (51 Euro) for 4 players, 115 BGN (59 Euro) for 5 players, 130 BGN (66 Euro) for 6 players.

How long is the escape game?

The game lasts a maximum 75 minutes.

Do I need to know the exact number of players to book an escape game?

No. You can add a player at any moment before the start of the game.

How do I make a booking for escape room?

Take a look at the appointments table and choose the best time for you. Fill in the form and after you’ve sent the request, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Or you can make a booking by phone +359 888 207 885.

How big can my escape team be?

A team in a single game must consist of 2-6 players.

I don’t have a team. Can I play alone in Escape room Enigmania?

No. The game is not designed for single players. But only in our room you have the opportunity to team up with strangers! See more

How to get to the location of Enigmania?

Our address is:

Sofia, 5 Bulgaria blvd., 1st floor, studio 5.

By public transport: tram 7, trolleybuses 2, 8, 9, buses 64, 74, 76, 83, 102, 204, 604.

By bicycle: The bicycle lane on Bulgaria blvd. passes by our entrance.

Taxi: Destination address: 6 Enos Str.

What if I am late for the escape game?

If you are late, the one hour clock will begin and this will reduce your playing time.

Is it scary in this escape room?

The emotions in the room are very positive. There is nothing scary (with the exception of your own personal fears :)

Can I exit the puzzle room at any time?

Yes, you can leave the room at any moment. The game will continue with the other players.

Do I need some special skills or physical strength to escape the room?

No, but a good team spirt and positive attitude will help you out a lot. And may the Force be with you...

Do I need to bring something with me in the puzzle room?

Everything you need is inside the room.

What will I do with the rest of the time, if my team fails to solve some of the puzzles?

You will not get bored inside the room. Our puzzles can be solved simultaneously. Our team will be observing you the whole time and in case of need, you can ask for hints, so that you can continue working on your escape of the room.

What will happen if we can’t find our way out? Are we going to stay locked inside the escape room?

The game will be over after 60 minutes. We will open the door for you after that and we hope to find you with smiles on your faces.


Can I share the puzzles and their answers with other people?

No, this will harm our business. We have to be strict here- please do not share any information!

Can I take photos or record video/audio during the real escape game?

No, the photos and recordings inside the room are forbidden. We recommend turning off your phone to ensure better game experience.

Are there any players the escape game is not suitable for?

The game is not suitable for people with serious health conditions - cardiovascular conditions, claustrophobia, epilepsy, acute infectious etc. Please consider this warning before booking an appointment. Persons in state of intoxication (we can make exception only for love intoxication :) are not permitted to take part in the game.

I have a voucher for real escape room. How can I book an appointment?

Take a look at the appointments table and choose the best time for you. Fill in the form and after you’ve sent the request, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking. Or you can make a booking by phone +359 888 207 885.

How can I change or cancel a booking for real escape game?

Please call us. If you contact us up to 48 hours prior to the booked appointment, you can change the game time for any other available game time.

A booking can be canceled up to 72 hours prior to the booked



Sofia, 5 Bulgaria Blvd.
1 st floor, Atelie 5
Code for the bell: 29K




Please contact us on +359 888 207 885


Please call us: +359 888 207 885

Thank you!


Енигмания са перфектни и като идея, и като изпълнение!!! След 13 ескейп стаи е трудно човек да бъде изненадан, още по-малко впечатлен, но ЕКСПЕРИМЕНТЪТ съвсем лесно стана една от най-любимите ни - атмосферата, която се пресъздава още в началото е неповторима! Определено е въздействащо и много много вълнуващо! Благодаря за страхотното изживяване!

Mартина Чавдарова   09.12.2017



Иво К   20.06.2016

Wow ... повечето отбори знаят какво е усещането да излезеш от хубава стая и в продължение на часове да коментират свързани с нея неща, е това е този тип стая. Готини хора, интересни загадки, хубав декор ... без забележка. Горещо препоръчваме на отборите, които не са я посетили все още. А на персоналът пожелаваме много успехи и очакваме следващата им стая! :)

4 Friends   24.11.2016




Вашето мнение е прието.

Благодарим ви, че избрахте Enigmania - The Experiment !




Booking for:

Participants count

1 2 3 4 5 6

Game level

Medium Hard



Play with strangers

При този вид игра таксата за запазване на стая отпада. Цената за участник е 25лв.
Total amount: 0.00 BGN

Payment method:


You may pay in cash at the place.

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Your team must enter the Experiment 15 minutes before start of the game.

The payment will be received in cache when you arrived. For more information and questions please call 0888207885

Thank you!

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